Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Irish Baby Shower

I forgot to post these last year when I made cupcakes for my first baby shower. I made vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting and pistachio cupcakes with a rose glaze. Do you like my ghetto packaging?

I Can See The Future

In my crystal ball I see.... tons and tons of baked goods for the weekend. It's my best friend's birthday and I'm baking up a storm for her Sunday Birthday Brunch! Here is a tiny sneak peek.The ever perfect and addicting coconut cookie. Once again, thank you to The Delicious Life for the fab recipe!

Karla Cucio's Birthday Cupcakes

This weekend is Karla-quake's Birthday, so I made her red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yummy yummy! Here is the interesting part about these cupcakes. I made them with the Sprinkles cupcake mix. I have to say, they turned out amazing for a mix!
They even came with the Sprinkle's brand dots!

Yummy chomp chomp... Here are the directions that came with the mix. There is a pretty good recipe for their cream cheese frosting. It's good, but it doesn't beat my mother's cream cheese frosting!

The Ultimate Shoe Challenge Is Back!

That's right folks! Everyone's favorite blog about shoes is back! Hop on over and take a gander. I'll allow it.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beauty Cayden's 3rd Birthday Cupcakes

One of my good friend's daughter turned three in 2008 and she asked me to make vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for said occasion. Aren't they cute? They turned out to be a big hit!

Happy 3rd Birthday Cayden, love!