Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tee Hee

I know a certain someone who might be interested in the Hello Kitty Belly Painting Kit! You can get them at Toys 'R Us or Amazon!

Pst - You're welcome.

Once Upon A Time...

I went here and got this ate it, and hurt this then drank this and felt better.

The End.

Shoe Of The Week

These absolutely delightful satin Christian Louboutin d'Orsays are the only thing you would wear to this meringue party.I would marry these shoes just to see them perched a top a white fluffy cake with a tiny me next to them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kings Quest

I remember playing Kings Quest in my Father's office and eating Cup 'O Noodles when I wasn't filing or typing for him. A classic game.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cupcakes That Don't Wynn

Over the weekend, I bedazzled myself and headed out to sin city to have a little fun. On Saturday morning after a really really long night, we stumbled down to The Buffet in the lobby of the glorious Wynn Hotel. This buffet had it all. Filet mignon, sushi, a cereal bar (hot and cold), Mexican, Asian, Italian, all the creatures of the seafood bar. There isn't a thing about the Wynn hotel Buffet that isn't near perfection. Except one. One very important thing. The cupcakes. These pretty, sexy, tasteless, insulting cupcakes.

I took one bite and left them for dead. These cupcakes are like that popular witch in high school, gorgeous and alluring on the outside but insipid and wicked on the inside.Such superficial beauty, breaks my heart.

What ever bad dessert happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas.

The Best Part of Superbowl XLIII

I kills me that he knocks his own googly eye off.