Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Day 50 Over At The Ultimate Shoe Challenge!!

Strut on over to The Ultimate Shoe Challenge to check out the 50th pair of shoes. The Presidential Candidate that you voted for would want you to.*

*The Ultimate Shoe Challenge is in no way affiliated with any of the Presidential Candidates.

Monday, November 3, 2008

BOO!!! Halloween Treats!

Here are a few of the Halloween treats I made this year. First up, roasted pumpkin seeds.
I got these seeds from this pumpkin.

Then I made puppy chow. I know you remember this stuff from when you were a kid. I cannot stop shoveling in this yummy Chex mixture sent from the Gods.
I found this recipe on the Chex website.
Now onto the good stuff... CUPCAKES!! I made chocolate cupcakes and pumpkin cupcakes. Here is an unfrosted chocolate cupcake.
Here are the chocolate cupcakes cooling whilst I make the yummy pumpkin cupcakes.Unfrosted pumpkin cupcake. Finally... the finished yummy spooky Halloween cupcakes!!