Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Weekend Batman!

Once again, a fantastic weekend came and went to fast. My boyfriend's Mother was in town and got to meet my parents for the first time. What better way to celebrate the meeting of the parents then with baked goods! For said occasion I made a lemon pistachio cake with a rose glaze and peanut butter cookies.

I am in love with the cast iron bundt cake mold my Mother gave me years ago. It's the only one I have for now but it has an awesome shape to it. Not too Ma Kettle country looking.
Here is a close up of the rose glaze and pistachios that I sprinkled on top.
I found edible dried roses at the farmers market last weekend!! So pretty and yummy.
Needless to say, my family loved it, and I have tons left to bring to Bryan and the Sex Polizei.

My inspiration for the lemon pistachio cake with rose glaze comes from these pistachio cupcakes with rose petal buttercream by Cupcake Bakeshop. I will make these cupcakes one day when I have more time. I'm dying to try the Rose Petal Buttercream frosting.

Don't forget about the peanut butter cookies!! I made these with my Mother's recipe. They always turn out amazing, even if you cook them a little too long like I did this time making them crispier than I would like. I like soft chewy peanut butter cookies. All I had to do to make these perfect was dip them in milk, and all was well.
Close up of peanut butter cookie goodness.
I also made my baked ziti and Papa's Pizza this weekend for the festivities. I didn't take any pictures of those. I always forget to take pictures of the main dishes. Next time I'll try not to be blinded by the beauty of sweet baked treats.

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