Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies. No Wait... M & M Cookies... No... Walnut White Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Picture it, this morning, my kitchen, eating cereal. I look in my pantry and see a pile of an idea. So I says to myself, I says "What could I make out of this mini mountain of goodies?" I search through my recipe book and came across this: I can make sort of an Everything-but-the-kitchen-sick cookie. Then I get started on softening some butter. I had a little bit of dark brown sugar left over so I used that up with a little light brown sugar.La La La, finishing my cereal, drinking some tea, just about to mix all the base ingredients.. La la la... WAIT A MINUTE..... I can't just make an M & M coconut walnut toffee mini chocolate white chocolate chip cookie!!! That's just irresponsible, it can't be done. I have the dough all mixed up, now what?I actually saw the light bulb turn on above my head just then. I decided to split the dough three ways and make three different kinds of cookies, ALL FROM THE SAME DOUGH!!! It's insanity!!! My first cookie creation I'll use walnuts and coconut....and white chocolate chips!! YES!Into the oven, OH hello there engagement ring!For my next cookie trick... M & M's!! These pink M & M's were left over from my 30th birthday. My Mother had them made. Duchess is a nickname my parent's good friend Danny gave me when I was little.The dough looked too pretty to add anything to it, so off it goes to the oven!Ok.. last cookie.. what to do.. what to do..... what would the guys over at Apple, Inc. do? They'd keep it simple and sexy.... are you thinking what I'm thinking????? Walnut mini chocolate chip! It's crazy, but it just might work.LET'S DO IT!! The dough looks so good do I have to bake them?.... (fine)Like the Three Caballeros, I give you

Coconut Walnut White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pink Duchess M & M Cookies
and Walnut Mini Chocolate Chip CookiesWhat we've learned here kiddies, is that you can take any basic cookie recipe and fold in a bunch of yummy and pretty things from the pantry to make some destructively tasty cookies.


Anonymous said...

u are my idol. i can smell them from here. yum!

AnickH said...

I LOVE m&m cookies