Monday, May 16, 2011

Me No Lie

Like I said, coming back to bake. And I did....

For my Birthday, my BFF got me the most amazing contraption.


The Cake Pop Maker!
I'll give you a minute.

And with said miracle cake pop maker I made my husband (tee hee, that'll never get old) Cinnamon Apple doughnut holes, rolled in cinnamon sugar. I know. Best. Wife. EVER.

Yeah, here's the thing... I forgot to take pictures! LAME, I know. Believe you me, they were fantastic. A baked doughnut hole. Who knew they would give a Sunday morning just a little bit more sunshine.

Next time, pictures. In color. Maybe the macro on.

Oh yeah, click HERE to check out Babycake's Cake Pop Makers.

1 comment:

AvonChef11 said...

That is an awesome cute little contraption!