Thursday, April 2, 2009

Domo Little Tokyo!

Today I ventured downtown to Tokyo town! Well, Little Tokyo and the Japanese Village. I met up with the ladies and had a lovely morning and lunch. We went to the Hello Kitty store and I got some stickers and pens! (I am a 12 year old, I'm fully aware) Then we went to the Little Tokyo Market Place and picked up some adorable crab snacks!!!
I can't wait to try them. I've been told they are best with beer. I'll be giving that a whirl this weekend! My boyfriend will not be partaking in the crabby fun snacks. He's had enough crabby fun this week. (I love him)
I also came across the cutest little Thomas The Train cookies. While I was checking out I found my favorite Ritter Sport chocolate bars that I can't find anywhere. One of my good friends is from Germany and on one of her trips home she brought back this delicious Ritter Sport with CORNFLAKES!! It is as good as it sounds.

Thank you ladies for a super fun Thursday morning!!


Candy Yum Yum said...

Are those real crabs?? And Ritter Sport Cornflakes is quite possibly the best candy bar in the world.

Cupcake Goggles said...

Yes really crabs.. they were sooooo gross! I was so sad about it too. I really wanted to like them. They are so cute and it would have been great to make savory corn cupcakes with little crabs on top. Oh well. If you ever make it to a Japanese market look for these.. who knows you may like them.