Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Three Dozen Reasons Why I Hate Myself

Yesterday was beautiful wasn't it? Sunny, not so busy and not so stressful at work. It was so easy going and work was so out of touch that yesterday that I had time to flip through the March issue of Martha Stewart's Living. I love her, and don't care what other people think. She's fabulous. Anyway, It was at the very last page that I saw it with my private eyes. A recipe for oatmeal cookies with dried apricots and white chocolate.
And to think I almost missed it hiding on the very last page. (Click on image to view recipe)
I looked at the ingredients list and I just happened to have had everything needed at home to make these lovely cookies. There was a little kiss on my list.
Here are the butter and sugars mixed and I did it in a minute

Hall and oates... I mean flour and oates

Apricots and white chocolate chips

Mmmmmm apricots you make my dreams


This recipe makes 3 dozen yummy perfect cookies. Karla Cucio said these are my best cookie yet. But I can't go for that (no can do). I still think the coconut cookies are my best. The coconut cookies are a maneater and will take on these oates cookies one on one.

Ok.. it's late. I can't think of any more Hall & Oates songs to jam into this post. hehehe

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