Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today's Special: Chicken Noodle Casserole (Old School)

Today's lunch was brought to me courtesy of yesterday's lunch. Yesterday I baked two big breasts of chicken with brown rice and broccoli. Healthy? Yes. Yummy? You bet.

However, I only ate the one chicken boobie and the other one was cubed and baked into this tasty delight I took this Tuna Noodle Casserole (for real) recipe and modified it (Click on picture to view recipe) First of all, I halved the recipe. I only had one can of cream of mushroom soup and seriously, how much chicken noodle casserole can you eat? I didn't have peas, so I used corn and green beans. I threw in the left-over chicken tata, tiny bit of melted butter and some egg noodles. Mixed it all together and baked it. (Ah, you can see my cute napkin holder that my PaPa made and painted for me.)

I topped it with a little shredded cheese instead of bread crumbs. (I didn't have those either.) Oops. Forgot to add the milk. Oh well. It was still really good without it, but the extra creaminess would have been nice. This yummy comfort dish was so much better than the burger and fries I may have gotten in lieu of. Sometimes it sucks being a girl if you know what I mean, but then it's ok when I remember I can cook up something wicked awesome to eat!!!

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Single Serving said...

&*SNORT* "Chicken boobie"... hahahahhaha oh God I love you! hahhahahahhahahhahaha